The Human Tools

Like any species, Humans are programmed for survival.  We have evolved over millions of years and we've developed a brilliantly powerful set of Human Tools to ensure we stay safe, happy, bonded and balanced. 

Learning about the Human Tools is often enough for positive change to take place. Once you start really using your Human Tools you'll find anxiety reduces, energy increases, curiosity awakens and life begins to look a whole lot better!    

What are the Human Tools?

The Control Tool

The Human Brain

The human brain controls your mind and your body. It’s immensely powerful, it has limitless storage capacity, it works continuously and its job is to keep you safe and ALIVE. Your brain processes millions of bits of information simultaneously and you are only aware, or conscious, of a tiny fraction of the work it’s doing on your behalf all day, every day throughout your life.  Imagine how much more powerful and in control of your life you’d feel if you understood more about this incredible Human Tool of yours.

Research into the human brain has developed rapidly over the last 20-30 years and with the invention of MRI and other powerful technology, neuroscientists have been able to delve deeply into its workings. They’ve only scratched the surface but what they’ve discovered so far is nothing short of miraculous.  One of the most heartening things that has emerged from the research to date is the brain’s incredible capacity for repair and regrowth. In real terms this means you’re never too old to learn new skills, new habits and new attitudes to life. The old saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is officially defunct!  You most certainly can – and this knowledge opens up a whole new world for anyone who is stuck in the loop of anxiety, fear, depression and failure. 

By understanding how your brain works (incidentally you don’t have one brain – you actually have three!) you can begin to get it to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you. 

You’ll understand what I mean about your brain working AGAINST you if you have ever experienced the following:

  • Spiralling negative thoughts
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of failure and defeat
  • Procrastination
  • Helplessness or powerlessness
  • Explosive or irrational behaviour
  • Irrational fears/phobias
  • Low confidence and self esteem
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • Inability to focus or motivate
  • Chronic use of distraction such as food, alcohol, drugs
  • Endless sleepless nights and exhaustion
  • Stress related physical illness

Simply understanding the structure and purpose of your brain can instantly bring relief … but so much more can be achieved by really getting to know your brain – and how it ticks!

Join me at a seminar or workshop to learn more about how to make your powerful CONTROL TOOL really work for you.    

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The Input Tool

The Sensory Systems

Your brain relies on the information it receives through your sensory systems.  You don’t just have one sensory system – you have three. These powerful Human Input Tools keep your brain informed of what’s going on around you continuously, even when you’re sleeping. Your heart and gut are also hugely important in feeding essential information to your brain.  Have you ever had a really strong gut feeling about something and ignored it? Have you ever felt your heart was going to break?

Learning about your Human Input Tools and using them effectively is vital for good emotional and physical health.  Often we block out sensory information – not taking time to consciously register what we see, hear, smell, taste or touch; not registering what our gut or heart intelligence is telling us.  We choose NOT to listen because we’re too busy, too distracted or simply because we haven’t yet learnt how to make the connection between the senses and the brain.

The three sensory systems have evolved over millions of year to keep you save, alive and engaged.  One system is constantly on the look out for danger and will engage your fight/flight responses; the second system seeks to calm you, slowing your heart rate, promoting digestion and rest.  The third system is your ‘wandering’ or Vagus system.  It’s job is to connect your brain with all the major organs in your body providing a two way flow of information. The Vagus nerve has a considerable influence on your lungs and your breathing. When you learn to breath well you stimulate the Vagus ….. bringing instant peace to both your body and your mind.

When you learn how to fully ‘come to your senses’ by using your Human Input Tools several wonderful things happen. 

  • You’ll feel calmer and more in control
  • You’ll be less reactive and more responsive
  • You’ll learn how to self soothe and self regulate your mood
  • You’ll feel ‘safer’ to be around
  • You’ll feel more alive and vibrant
  • You’ll learn to seek more ‘joy’ and less ‘fear’ in your life
  • You’ll find yourself more engaged and curious
  • You’ll trigger ‘feel good’ brain chemicals
  • You’ll sleep more soundly, feel more alert and be more able to focus

Switching on your Human Input Tools and fully engaging with life brings one other major benefit.  You’ll not only feel better …. you’ll LOOK better too.  It’s like a facelift ….. from within!

If you’re ready to get ‘switched on’ sign up for a seminar or workshop

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The Back-up Tool -

your emotional Back-up system

Human feelings come for a reason.  They come to let you know whether you’re safe/unsafe, hot/cold, loved/lonely, right/wrong, happy/sad. Strong feelings come to let you know if you’re in danger or if others are breaking your rules and boundaries. This vital information needs careful handling and you have a brilliant Human Back-up device for doing this.  It’s like a Human Hard Drive and like all storage devices it needs regular maintenance and housekeeping otherwise it becomes overloaded and full.

If you’ve flicked through the little slide show ‘What Human’s Do …’ you’ll know that if you don’t learn how to process and deal with your Back-Up tool you can become explosive and hurt others, or implosive and hurt yourself. 

Learning how to use your Back-up system is an essential life skill.  Ideally you’d have learnt how to process feelings in early years by growing up with adults who showed you how to deal with anger, anxiety, rage, and sadness appropriately.  Sadly many don’t have this privilege and consequently end up struggling with mental and physical health in later life.

Ignoring the Back-up Tool can lead to huge anxiety, frustration, rage and unhappiness. When you ‘fill-up’ you may turn to harmful distractions and this can lead to the downward spiral of anxiety and depression.

Once you begin to manage your Back-up system effectively you'll no longer need all those harmful, time wasting distractions. You’ll sleep better, focus more effectively and be far more proactive and energetic.

A full Back-up system uses a huge amount of energy.  Energy you could be putting to far better use.

If you’re ready to start learning how to manage your Human Back-up Tool come along to a seminar or workshop and really get to know yourself better.

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The Release Tools -

a powerpack for releasing stress, anxiety and anger

You have an amazing in-built set of Release Tools for helping you to calm anxiety, soothe frustration and expel anger safely. In fact you have absolutely everything you need to self regulate your mood and keep you balanced and feeling good. The Human Release Tools are simple, effective and have evolved specifically to keep you, and those around you, safe. Imagine a pressure cooker or a steam engine without a release valve! Humans are no different.  We need to know how to ‘let off steam’ safely to prevent us exploding with rage at others …. or worse still, imploding with anxiety and depression on ourselves.

The human body gives us all sorts of clues when pressure is building.  Our thoughts start spiralling and our anxiety starts rising. We might get headaches, stomach aches, panic attacks, muscular pain, migraines, irritable bowels, sleeplessness.  Our skin might break out in excema, psoriasis, ulcers or spots. Our digestive system might struggle resulting in reflux, indigestion, nausea. Even our looks suffer …. hair goes lank, nails flake and complexion loses its colour and glow.

We might blame others for the way we feel. We might choose to ignore the pressure until it’s too late. We might distract using food, drugs, alcohol, work, spending/shopping.

How good are you at recognising your early warning signs? You not only need to recognise your own, you also need to be able to read the early warning signs of those you live or work with. 

If you’re ready to learn how to let off pressure safely by using your Human Release Tools then sign up for a workshop or seminar now.

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The Fuel Tools -

your inbuilt guide to mind/body nourishment

The Human mind and body needs careful and consistent refuelling to work efficiently and effectively.  Of course we need food and water, but we need other vital fuels which keep us healthy, vibrant, motivated and happy. Your Human Fuel Tools let you know EXACTLY what type of fuel you need, EXACTLY when you need it, and EXACTLY how much you need.  When you don’t understand your Fuel Tools and you fail to read the signs things start to go wrong. If you ignore the signs you’ll likely feel emotionally and physically empty and exhausted.  If you misread the signs you might ‘overfill’ becoming hyper-active, over weight and over wrought.

Your Fuel tools are there to keep you ‘topped up’ in all areas of your life and they expressly prevent you from ‘running on empty’.  If you’ve ever travelled on an airplane then you’ll be very familiar with the warning to ‘place your own oxygen mask on before coming to the aid of others’. Exactly right – you can’t perform effectively unless you are replenished and in good order yourself.

So if you’re struggling with tiredness, lack of focus, weight issues, boredom, lack of purpose or motivation; or if you’re at the other end of this spectrum and suffer from hyper activity -  then you’re not using your Human Fuel Tools effectively.

Sign up now for a seminar or workshop and learn how to really look after yourself.

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The Connect Tools -

your key to vibrant, healthy relationships

Humans are social animals. We need good, trusting, loving relationships to keep us feeling safe, balanced and happy. When we don’t feel connected safely to others we feel lonely, sad, miserable and isolated. This in turn leads to anxiety and depression and often a feeling of deep detachment. Some describe this as emptiness.

You have the most AMAZING set of Human Tools to help you make meaningful, warm and loving relationships with others. 

Those who know how to use their Human Connect Tools are easy to identify. They have great relationships with their partners, their children and their work mates.  They’ve formed lasting friendships, have a great social life and they are often in demand. They feel good to be around; they’re warm, balanced, confident, curious and often huge fun.

Do you know anyone like that? Would you like to be more like that yourself?

The key to Connecting with others is to understand a little bit about the magic of biochemistry.  You don’t have to know all the boring technicalities, but you do need to understand enough to recognise how to generate the hormones and neurotransmitters that attract others to you.  It’s as simple as that! 

If you’re ready for warm, loving, meaningful relationships, then it’s time to learn about your Human Connect Tools.  But be aware …. before you can learn how to love and connect with others you have to learn how to love and connect with yourself. 

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If you're ready to learn about your Human Toolbox then come along to a workshop or seminar and feel the immediate impact of being with other humans who are on the same journey.