If you're ready to discover the power of your Human Toolbox - and to start making positive, lasting change to your life then come and join me for either an introductory Human Toolbox Seminar or a more 'in-depth' Human Toolbox Workshop.

If you can't find an event that suits you send me a note through Contact me and I'll keep you posted on upcoming dates and venue's through my regular newsletter. You might also like to take a look at my Human Toolbox Facebook page which contains regular updates on seminars and workshops as well as links to relevant resources which you may find helpful.

The Human Toolbox Seminar

This powerful one day seminar is designed to get you started on making positive and lasting change in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been suffering from low mood, anxiety, depression … or explosive rage – understanding your Human Tools will bring you immediate relief and understanding.

The day is packed full of useful information on your Human Tools, the functions they perform and the part they play in keeping you safe, balanced and fully engaged with life.  

You’ll learn about each of your powerful HUMAN TOOLS including:

  • your CONTROL TOOL – your Triune or ‘three part’ brain and the important role it plays in keeping you alive, safe and emotionally balanced.
  • your amazing INPUT TOOLS including the ‘wandering nerve’ and the part it plays in keeping your mind and your body in tune
  • your personal BACK-UP TOOL and how to manage it
  • your brilliant RELEASE TOOLS which can bring you instant relief from stress, anxiety and rage
  • your human FUEL TOOLS which keep you in touch with EXACTLY what you need to keep ‘topped’ up with energy and good health
  • >and your CONNECT TOOLS which help you form and maintain healthy, strong and loving relationships.

The day is fast paced, energising ….. and full of fun!



The Human Toolbox Workshop

If you’ve attended a Human Toolbox Seminar and it’s whetted your appetite, you may like to come along to a workshop to learn more about your own Human Tools.

With numbers limited to a maximum of 12 delegates this two day workshop looks at the Human Tools in much more depth allowing time for individual exploration, discussion and trouble shooting.

You’ll come away from the weekend workshop armed with useful strategies and techniques for really using your HUMAN TOOLS to engage with life, relationships ….. and most importantly yourself.