Clients say...

The following statements have been provided by clients and colleagues. 

  • As head of a Key Stage 4 Behaviour Support Unit I worked closely with Lindy for a number of years. All support staff were trained in Developmental Delay and Interruption and we used the Human Toolbox extensively throughout the unit and the school. It made a major difference to the students, bringing much needed relief and improvement in behaviour. I also used the Human Toolbox with staff to resolve conflict and ease anxiety. I am now a full time foster carer and The Human Toolbox is invaluable in helping my kids learn how to deal with loss, life and change.
    - Terri, Norfolk
  • After many years of suffering with depression I attended one of Lindy's workshops and learnt about my Human Tools. I was nervous about attending but Lindy was friendly and welcoming and quickly put me at ease. What I learnt was invaluable. I found it empowering and I now use the strategies and techniques daily. I am more confident and more assertive. I no longer need antidepressants and with my doctors help I have weaned myself off them totally. This is something I never thought possible. I can recommend this course. For the first time in many years I am experiencing joy and I am optimistic for the future. My husband can't believe the new me.
    - Janet, Suffolk
  • I was referred to Lindy after my marriage failed and I lost custody of my two boys.  I’d had a very abusive childhood and really didn’t have the skills to look after myself, let alone my children. My teenage years were turbulent. I used alcohol and other distractions. My relationships were difficult and unhealthy. I was needy and dependent. I was desperate and had made several attempts on my life. I’d had a lot of intervention before I arrived at Lindy’s door. I described myself as being like a broken puzzle with bits missing. Lindy was patient, understanding and she didn’t judge.  In the beginning I tested my relationship with her but she didn’t let me sabotage it as I had so many times before. Lindy explained the Human Tools to me.  With her very bad drawings and her wacky sense of humour she started to explain how my brain and body worked together. She gave me useful techniques for calming and soothing my anxieties. I became less reactive and I learnt how to look after myself better. As I repaired the damaged child in me I became more adult.  Others recognised the change in me and I started to form strong friendships. When I became pregnant with my third child Lindy worked with me to help me learn the parenting skills that were so lacking with my boys. My little girl is now 4 and she is thriving. She knows she has a mum who is strong and secure. She is confident, well behaved and she has the firm loving boundaries which I was unable to give my boys. I am teaching her about her Human Tools and she is never going to experience the terrible fear and loneliness I experienced in my own childhood and teenage years. I’m grateful to Lindy and thankful for the Human Toolbox Program.  It changed my life and I am now using it to support other teenagers as a Youth Leader in my Church.
    - Bex, Norfolk
  • I attended Lindy's workshop on Developmental Delay and it helped me really understand the kids I work with in my role as a Teaching Assistant. I work as a one-to-one with a Year 9 boy who has severe behavioural problems. Since attending the course and learning more about how the brain forms and lights up I have completely changed the way I work with him. We have built a strong and trusting relationship within which he is learning how to use his Human Tools. I am literally watching his brain 'light-up'.  The course was fun and I loved the way Lindy used humour to engage us all.  I think all teaching staff should be taught about Developmental Delay and the Human Tools as part of their training.
    - Val, Cambs

  • I attended Lindy's workshops following a long term problem with depression, anxiety and panic disorder. I've learnt countless new things to help me cope with and reduce my anxiety, panic attacks and depression.Just talking, and indeed listening to someone with such a deep understanding and empathy for whatever mental strife you are going through alone is a huge help but Lindy consistently goes above and beyond this and really teaches you how to cope better and to help yourself.
    Thank you Lindy
    Here's to never looking back...
    - Andy, Suffolk