Thank you for visiting my website ...

Whether you’re visiting as an individual, a company, a family or a school – I’d love it you would take a couple of minutes to flick through the two slide shows ‘What Humans do…’ and ‘How the world is…’ They might answer some of your questions ….. and bring you some relief.

Being a ‘human’ is not easy unless you have the tools to do the job!

The good news is you DO have the Tools to do the job of living life with balance, peace and contentment – we ALL do!  If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, lack of purpose or meaning, raging anger or spiralling worry  – then it's simply because you haven’t learnt to use your powerful Human Toolbox yet.

My mission is to introduce you to your Human Tools, and to support you while you learn to use them yourself to make life happier, healthier and more harmonious.

You’ll learn more about the Human Tools as you look through the site and I hope you’ll contact me if you think I can help.

I’m available to work with you individually as a therapist/coach, to work systemically with your family, or to run seminars, workshops or groups within your workplace, school or organisation. 

I really look forward to hearing  from you – I’m sure together we can make life better.